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Quick Charcoal: Blep! by neznia Quick Charcoal: Blep! :iconneznia:neznia 139 28 Cat Woman on coffee break by arion69 Cat Woman on coffee break :iconarion69:arion69 158 5
500+ Watchers!! Draw My OC contest!{CLOSED}
I've been thinking of doing a contest for a while now, I just needed a milestone to do it at! So now that I've hit 500 watchers, I figured it was a perfect number lol
Before I start with rules and things, I want to thank all of you for following me through my arts development. Some of you have been here since I used bases, and others may just now be joining, but no matter when you started watching me, or why, thank you all so much!

You can have as many entries as you want! I want art made by YOU! NO bases, doll makers, tracing or stealing!I'll judge the artworks based on originality, how aesthetically pleasing it is, the effort put in, and how creative!Please don't do anything offensive with my babbus!NO NSFW! A lot of my OCs are minors, and I'M a minor!
You can draw any of my OCs featured in this journal. Yes they can be with your OCs, if you so wish to draw that!
:iconsnarkychibi:SnarkyChibi 25 25
Art Contest! [CLOSED]
Thank you all for participating !! I'll choose the winners soon !

EDIT 29.04. : Some users asked if I could extend the Art Contest and because they asked me politely and send me a WIP of their Entry, I'll extend it !
EDIT: Added a prize for the 1st place because I can't find use to it ;v;
I wanted to do a Contest since I got 100 watchers but I forgot about it it is now ;v;
-OC's you should draw for the Contest if you enter :
Draw any character from here :
I can give you a back story if you want,just ask! :3
[Edit:I'm a dumb shit,I shared the wrong link,sorry xD]
Note : You can draw my characters as anthros/furries if you want c: they don't have to be feral! 
Rules creative and don't steal other ones ideas/artwork.
Please respect each other and don't trace/steal any artwork.Be creative,I'll judge the most part on the creativity and how clean the drawing is,n
:iconollinkoo:OllinKoo 54 69
Design contest, $$ prizes! [closed]
:new: I've finished adding all the the designs into the folder and will be picking the winners either tonight or tomorrow! Im betting on tomorrow though because there are SO MANY design that Im in love with! T//v\\T Also if anyone is curious on how I'll be picking the winning design, I'll be picking them based on: how well I connected with them, how much I like the design, uniqueness of the design, and quality. ;v; (Although quality will only effect which place it gets!)
There will be a slight delay in picking the winners! My family surprised me with a small trip to go and spend the weekend at my sister's! Q//v\\Q
asdfghjkl MY NET DIED. :'D I spent the last 5 hours trying to figure out what was wrong with it until my dad finally woke up to go to work. He fumbled with it for like 3 minutes and managed to fix it. orz;; So to the few people who submitted a late entry, I'll still accept it! ;v;
Also, I'll be picking the winning designs over the next few days! >v<<3
:iconlehmurix:Lehmurix 124 285
Hello everybody!
I would like to host a design competition.
I have never done this before, but I always have wanted too!
A while ago I designed a species called Angler dogs

So what's this competition about!
August 5th, 2017

Do we get to keep the designs? 
Yes ; v ; All the designs after the contest will belong to you, and you may do as you please with them. This is mostly a promotional contest for the species. Since very few people actually own an Angler dog ; v ; 
So design away!~
Can we use any rank of traits?
Yes you may ; w ; 
Also please note that angler dogs come in a huge array of colors and shapes

As can be seen here!
That's it.
I want to see the most amazing bizarre Angler dog designs!
Step 1
Design an Angler dog
:icondeuyuni:DeUyuni 45 129
Foxytales contest! Win core or points! [CLOSED]

My dear fox lovers and fox artists!
We've reached 500 members!
As promised, on that occasion, we're happy to hold our first group contest ever!

Enchanted wilderness

Theme is open for wide interpretation, as long as your artwork includes something fox-related!
What kind of art is accepted?
any kind of digital
mixed media
art not related to foxes
mature art
sketches, doodles, WIPs

Your entry must contain something fox-related.
Anthro, OC etc. artworks are also welcome, as long as they have something foxy in them!
:iconmartith:Martith 252 460
Draw our OC's contest!! [CLOSED!!!]
Judging will begin shortly, but I want all of you participants to be patient! Both SpiritOfStars and I, as well as the other judges, all have either a full time job, or school to attend to and a life outside of DA.
So the judging might take some time, but rest assured that the winners will be found.
Just be patient with us! We'll announce the winners as soon as possible! ^^
Edit July 1st 2017: There is one month left for the deadline! Make sure to have your entries done before the deadline!!
Edit April 7th 2017: We noticed a mistake with the prizes from the two of us in the category winners that didn't seem fair.
We have fixed it and made the drawn prizes from the two of us equal. 
Edit January 12th 2017: The deadline has been moved to August 1st 2017!
Edit October 15th 2016: The deadline has been moved to February 9th 2017!
:iconyuko--san:Yuko--San 234 186
(I closed it 40 minutes early because i'm not well, so to give people in different time zones a chance, I will add any other given contest entries to the contest folder and count them into the judging)
--Time zones are awkward--
Judging will begin tomorrow, and the winner will be announced at:-
6PM (Great British Time)

I will contact the winners by note!
Can all those who have donated, also contact the winners!
:iconxxcute-kittyxx:XxCute-KittyxX 153 375
Fanart Contest: Make The Scene!
Welcome to my next contest!
Objective: - Their are many different scenes listed below, based on a few different games/animes. They are all have different set ups and requirements for things I'd like to see. There are quite a number to choose from. All you have to do is choose one and fulfil the requirements! There will be room for flexibility to include your own ideas and interpretation. In most pieces, the tone will be be completely up to you (could be serious or drawn with humour). I want to see how you can handle the ideas!
Scene Fulfillments to choose from: -
[Bullet; Yellow] 'Capcom Girls' - 'Costume Party'
Sheva - Tribal Costume (Resident Evil), Regina - Tribal Costume (Dino Crisis), Fiona Belli - Frog Costume (Haunting Ground)
Costume par
:iconcheeb:cheeb 20 49
Draw my OCs Art Contest! (CLOSED)

Rainbow Heart [Free to use] CLOSED!!!Rainbow Heart [Free to use] 
Seizure Bullet My contest is now closed, please give me a few days to deliberate, and then I will decide the winners ^^ In the mean time, I will post a journal sharing everyone's art that I received!Seizure Bullet
Hello everyone! Recently I have reached over 1,000 watchers!!! This is a really big deal for me ^^ Thank you very much to everyone who watches me, it means a lot. I'm so happy to share my art with you guys, and hope that you'll continue to enjoy the work that I put out! Also I really enjoy reading everyone's comments hehe :D
I decided to run a contest, since it looks like a lot of fun, and I have seen some of my watchers do it. (Including :iconkomradapex:, :iconsakura-tk-arts: and :iconshiroaeon: they are my inspiration x3)
:iconfoxykuro:foxykuro 248 576
Ultimate Character Art Contest 2017 (Date Update)
:new: 7/15/ 2017 : CONTEST IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED! :heart: Sorry, Everyone, for the 3 hour late notice. lol I ended up sleeping longer because I had trouble sleeping. I'll be counting all the new entries and then I'll start my judging process. Judge  It will probably take me about 4 days to determine the winners... BECAUSE ALL OF THE ENTRIES WERE FANTASTIC! I'M CRYING OVER HERE!!rainbow cry 
A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated and shared the contest! bunny hug emoji  Thanks to all of you awesome folks, it was very successful. Maybe moreso than the previous years I've held it. EVERYONE did an AMAZING job and REALLY gave it their all!
Be sure to check out my page the night of the 18th (Tuesday, Eastern Time USA) for the announcement of the winners!!
:iconbipolarnonsense:BipolarNonsense 161 198
LAST DAY! 777 Contest (deadline: June 5)
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! UPDATES Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U!
- Okay,  so I have a huge deadline for work next week and won't be able to do much on DA. To make things easier for me (and probably for you too) I extended the deadline to the 5th of June. Sorry guys, I swear I won't extend the deadline again.
- The very kind WonderlandTrades donated prizes as well: a 1 minute animated movie to fit your favourite song! Like this: [link]
- Some people ran out of time, so I changed the deadline! It is now June 1st!
- The awesome ArielaNewt has offered a headshot for ALL participants who made an entry! How kind is that? 
- I have five entries, meaning there will be two winners. More entries = more prizes, so keep them coming!
- I dropped the minimum size of 500 words rule for written entries. Your entry can have any length now (I do favour l
:iconqueenofeagles:queenofeagles 68 243
[ CLOSED ] 400$+Art! Draw my OCs contest [JUDGING]
Hey guys! Fokko here with a contest for everyone! Yoosung Mystic Messenger 10  This contest is meant to give exposure to my current visual novel project!707 Mystic Messenger 5 
wanna check it out? Here! (it's on a lemma forums) 
Although I care about quality, dont be afraid to join! 
Moving on with the contest!
If youre doubting this contest because of my account being new, NO WORRIES. I have commissioned Riuuzu, blackcoffeeneko, and currently working with Hynori! Along with buying an adoptable from madinne which all can be found in my favorites under "Arts of OC" except for Hynori's work, thats on the lemma forums post!
Because it was requested a lot and its basically Easter Sunday, I decided to allow a ONE DAY extension. No more extensions just to give respects to whoever was able to submit to the original deadline.
:iconifynxie:iFynxie 238 395
10pts to Sub my YouTube + Chance to win 5000pts!!
I'm calling this "The Push for 2000" and I'm giving away 10000 points in total!! And you have up to 5 chances to win!!
How to Enter:
1. You MUST favorite this journal entry. That will be your raffle entry!
2. Subscribe to the Atis's Gaze  YouTube channel.(You cannot unsubscribe. If you unsubscribe won't be able to claim your points if you win the raffle.)
3. Bump the forum post on Deviantart so others can see. The link is here. DON'T FORGET TO DO THIS ONE!!!
Other ways to earn points and llama's (max 5 points for doing 1 and 2 so basically pick one):
1. (Preferred) Like an episode (1 pt each up to 5 pts - subscribers prior to 8/15/17 can do this even if they commented)* or
2. Comment on an episode on YouTube (5 p
:iconkenkrath:KenKrath 4,319 2,438
Contest ( DRAW my OC) - Win points, art and more!
Update October 25, 2017:
Alright everyone, I HAVE DECIDED TO extend this contest to December, because your artworks are just adorable!:O 
SO.... Lets do this. :) 
NEW END DATE: December 1,2017
Hello there! Aaaah!
I am Tus, and I am holding my first contest.
Why? Well, because I have reached my first goal of 50 watchers! That is right.
So, with that, lets get down to the fun stuff!

 Here is what we are going to do:

Kitty Emote How to enter: Kitty Emote 
- You must be a watcher to enter this contest.
- Please post a journal / thumbnail directing your friends back to this journal.
- Leave a comment on this journal with a link to your entries.
(No st.ash entries, please.)
- Follo
:icontussytot:TussyTot 30 46



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finally online again, had problems with the internet
finally responded to all the received Llamas by sending one back ;) (Wink)
day 1 and 2 by YardnE day 1 + 2: a merged sketch of a knight and a dragon
  day 3 by YardnE  day 4 by YardnE  day 5 - Fluffy! by YardnEday 3-5: some cats, more or less fluffy
day 6 by YardnE woof woof! by YardnE day 6-7: some dogs


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